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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 613688

FI Handbook on Food Authenticity Issues and Related Analytical Techniques

Food Fraud has been around a long time but following several highly mediatised incidents such as the milk and infant formula contaminated with melamine in 2008 and the horsemeat scandal in 2013, all authenticity issues have become big news. Regulators and customers now require food operators to keep abreast of any potential risks and to regularly assess their raw material and ingredient supply chains for vulnerability to food fraud. It is hoped that this FoodIntegrity Handbook will be a useful companion to help the food industry achieve this aim.

The Handbook has been written for food business operators and is primarily aimed at quality control managers working in food production and to those actors involved in the food supply chain. It may also be useful to young scientists, students and researchers with little prior knowledge of the area.
Written by nearly 50 experts in food authenticity, it is the result of European collaboration through the EU-funded FoodIntegrity project.

The book’s editors, Jean François Morin and Michèle Lees, are respectively the current and former Directors of Collaborative Research at Eurofins Analytics France, an analytical laboratory renowned for its pioneering research into Food Authenticity.

ISBN print version 978-2-9566303-0-2 ; ISBN electronic version 978-2-9566303-1-9 ;


Please click on the following link to download the entire handbook: FOODINTEGRITY HANDBOOK [COMPLETE]


Download by Chapter:

01. Forewords & Introduction
Foreword by Mr. Van Goethem
Foreword by Professor C. Elliott
Pages: V-XVII

02. Milk & milk products
J. S. Amaral, I. Mafra, A. Pissard, J. A. Fernández Pierna, V. Baeten
Pages: 7 - 26

03. Eggs & egg products
M. Suman, D. Cavanna, M. Zerbini, D. Ricchetti, D. Sanfelici, E. Cavandoli, L. Mirone
Pages: 27 - 42

04. Honey
K. P. Raezke, E. Jamin, M. Lees
Pages: 43 - 60

05. Meat & meat products
E. Valli, M. Petracci, M. Pezzolato, E. Bozzetta
Pages: 61 - 86

06. Fish & seafood
E. Maestri, D. Imperiale, L. Parmigiani, N. Marmiroli
Pages: 87 - 100

07. Cereals & Rice
J.-F. Morin, M. Lees, P. Vermeulen, V. Baeten, E. Maestri, N. Marmiroli
101 - 126

08. Nuts & Seeds
E. Maestri, D. Imperiale, N. Marmiroli
Pages: 127 - 136

09. Cocoa & Chocolate Products
M. Rektorisova, M. Tomaniova
137 - 154

10. Sugars & Sweeteners
F. Thomas, D. Hammond
Pages: 155 - 172

11. Spices
P. Galvin-King, S. A. Haughey, C. T. Elliot
173 - 192

12. Saffron
N. Moratalla-López, A. Zalacain, M. J. Bagur, M. R. Salinas, G. L. Alonso
193 - 204

13. Wine & must
F. Camin, L. Bontempo, R. Larcher, M. S. Grando, P. Moreno Sanz, C. Fauhl-Hassek, J. Hajslova, K. Hurkova, L. Uttl, F. Thomas
205 - 228

14. Spirit Drinks
I. Goodall, S. Harrison, R. Eccles, P. Cockburn, M. Tomaniova
229 - 250

15. Fruit Juices
P. Rinke, E. Jamin
251 - 272

16. Vinegar
R. M. Callejón, R. Ríos-Reina, M. L. Morales, A. M. Troncoso, F. Thomas, F. Camin
273 - 294

17. Coffee
J.-F. Morin, E. Jamin, S. Guyader, F. Thomas
Pages: 295 - 314

18. Tea & Flavoured Tea
S. Heaney, T. Koidis, J.-F. Morin
315 - 334

19. Olive Oil
D. L. García González, R. Aparicio, R. Aparicio-Ruiz
315 - 358

20. Vegetable Oils
R. Aparicio, D. L. García González, R. Aparicio-Ruiz
359 - 382

21. Food Flavourings
E. Jamin, F. Thomas
383 - 390

22. Gelatine in Foods
H. H. Grundy
391 - 402

23. Food Fraud Mitigation
J.-F. Morin, M. Lees, P. Rinke, P. Olsen, M. Svorken, S. Elde, P. B. Sørdahl
403 - 426

24. FI Knowledge Base
J.-F. Morin
427 - 430

25. Further Reading
J. Donarski
431 - 434